Taking Eye Disease Imaging Technology a Step Further

While conventional devices only provide structural imaging - the ability to image what blood vessels look like from the outside (e.g. size, shape, number, morphology) - our tool provides both structural and functional imaging (inside).

One of the Most Advanced Ophthalmic Imaging Tools on the Planet*

We provide one of the most advanced functional imaging tools for monitoring blood vessels in the back of the eye - a useful tool for understanding complex blinding diseases.

Our functional imaging tool is the most accurate device for measuring metabolic activity in retinal tissues. Metabolic activity is a terrific biomarker for detecting and monitoring the progression of blinding diseases involving changes in blood vasculature. Our device is the only instrument to accurately measure both blood flow (Doppler flow) and oxygen saturation in blood vessels. These two parameters together provide an accurate measurement of oxygen consumption by tissues. Subtle changes in metabolic activity can be attributed to changes in retinal blood vessel regulation due to disease.

* Opticent's Technology is currently used only in an Investigational Device Limited by Federal (or United States) Law to Investigational Use.

A Revolution in Vision Care

Glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy are mysterious, complex, chronic retinal diseases that affect over 500 million people globally. However, doctors and researchers still understand very little about these diseases; how they originate; how they progress; and how to select the best course of treatment. Our novel imaging technology transforms the standard of care for these diseases by providing an accurate and precise picture of retinal health during all stages of disease - a bridge that is crucially missing. Until now, even the best doctors themselves were blind; they simply didn't have the tools to make the right decisions about their patients' treatments; yet those decisions may be the difference between blindness and sight.

Unlocking the Full Potential of OCT

Imaging techniques, like OCT, have traditionally been limited to providing structural information, particularly, images of structural morphology. For disease detection in the eye, this often provides only for detection and monitoring of later disease states, frequently after disease causes irreversible damage. We believe our device provides the most comprehensive and accurate means for functional OCT imaging (fOCT) – the ability to detect subtle biochemical changes underlying disease at various points in the treatment pathway.

The foundation of our technology is Visible Light OCT, a novel and patent pending technology pioneered by Profs. Hao F. Zhang and Cheng Sun of Northwestern University. Through the use of both visible light and near-infrared wavelengths, our fOCT empowers eye care professionals to accurately monitor retinal metabolic activity by precisely measuring both blood flow rates and oxygen saturation in blood vessels. In the same way that color television became a media standard and changed the viewer’s experience, Opticent Health’s OCT device will transform how eye care professionals view and think about eye disease.

Who Does it Benefit?

Our groundbreaking technologies are pioneering the future.

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